About Us

DockBooking is an initiative born on the beautiful shores of Lugano Lake, Switzerland.

The idea comes from the will of implementing technology to berths booking with the objective of making the procedure:

EASY          FAST          SAFE

Online Berth Booking: Business model

The business model, successfully tested in other sectors which apply online booking, is based on OTA (Online Travel Agency) operating in tourist areas and promotion. Travelers can book, quickly and clearly, the mooring service chosen, from those available for DockBooking.com, paying by credit card and ensuring the berth assignment online.

Online Moorings: Market, target and competitors

As intermediaries of online berths reservations service, we distinguish between demand market and supply market:

The supply market of berths, moor, docks, buoy fields, fixed and floating piers in the Mediterranean counts about 1,500 tourist harbours, for a total number of available moorings of more than 450,000. This figure, set to increase in coming years due to the completion of some new port facilities and the expansion / renovation going on in many of the old marinas, is a comfort to companies willing to invest in online booking.

The demand of the berths is made by boat owners and charter customers, estimated in about 550,000. This is the reference number useful to the calculation of the market interested in the service offered by DockBooking.com in online moorings reservation.

We have analyzed that DockBooking.com’s target and online mooring market, includes owned boats, longer than 6 meters, with at least one cabin and water enthusiasts who rely on charter services for their holidays.

In addition to the market directly related to online reservation, offered by DockBooking.com, various tourist industries are gaining importance. Thanks to its partners Pagine Azzurre and Nautica, DockBooking includes a series of targeted information to facilitate nautical tourism. Mobility is crucial for the application for the berths booking that wants to make all forms of entertainment reserved to tourists accessible and known. Facilitate the mobility of the boat owner is a very important FOCUS for our online booking application.

The competition, for online reservation of berths, is becoming more and more interesting and the proliferation of industry applications exudes that the targetted market is becoming increasingly important. The need is precisely to publicize, in a network composed by various Apps of moorings booking, new initiatives and consolidated companies which are often not easily accessible and identifiable by the tourists. Promotion will be vital; Dockbooking.com will aim to worldwide exposure, contemplating partnership with realities overseas and with the power of important industry players ( Nautica magazine ).

Competitors are attentive and professional, Portbooker, Marinanow, Lookmarina, Navily … all worthy of attention and all unbalanced to make sure that the sector will take-off as happened to other tourist realities (Hotels, Catering …). Tourism is always in need of promotion, so any initiative, targeted to this, deserves attention. Facilitating those who travel by offering clear and quantifiable services, will certainly help a sector which in recent years has been victim of an increasing amount of obstacles.

DockBooking is partner with

pagine azzurre logo

Portolano, the Pilot Book of Italian Seas

Thanks to 40 years of experience Pagine Azzurre is the reference for pleasure boating navigation.

App integration

Using Pagine Azzurre App the user will be able to book the berth directly through DockBooking;

DockBooking user will be able to buy Pagine Azzurre App in order to obtain a vast amount of information related to mooring.